A New Year, A New Shoot

January began with a long to-do list. At the very, tippity-top: Take The Darling Dish to the next level!

I've spent the past two years going through all sorts of big life changes. Finishing my thesis, planning a wedding, graduating from art school, getting married, starting new jobs... whew. 2015 was a huge year for me, but it meant that The Darling Dish did not receive the attention that it truly deserved, that I so dearly wished and daydreamed about giving it.

These big, beautiful life landmarks have come to pass and life has seemed to begin to slow, at least enough that I am able to make this venture a big part of my day-to-day life. Already, there is blossoming on the vine. Already, I am seeing such glimmering promise for the rest of 2016, as it unfolds.

This past month, my dear friends Hannah & Micah Fischer of The Fischers Handmade invited me to participate in a shoot they were planning. I was thrilled! What made this shoot so inticing was that Hannah and Micah have an incredibly unique aesthetic and vision for their work; their images are moody, dark, wistful and raw.

From The Darling Dish shoot (2014) by The Fischers Handmade

As an husband and wife duo, Hannah & Micah work together with such rythm and ease. Hannah's styling skills seamlessly guide Micah's experienced eye behind the camera, and vice versa. What occurs is a beautiful meeting of the minds, resulting in hauntingly gorgeous images.

I've had the pleasure of working with Hannah & Micah in the past; they shot my engagement photos and contributed to The Darling Dish shoot in 2014, when all of this had first begun!

This time, they teamed up with a roster of incredible vendors and asked a gorgeous couple, Jon & Gina, to be their models. Gina wore Hannah's wedding dress (!!!), an Edwardian masterpiece that she scored at a vintage clothing store for $200, while Jon's outfit came from Orn Hansen, a quality clothing and wares shop in SE Portland.

The dapper couple played their parts, alongside the dreamily romantic calligraphy work of Rachel Jacobsen and the literally breathtaking florals by Tribes N Pines.

I honestly feel that the only words I have left are: HOLY DREAM TEAM.

When all is said and done, the images completely speak for themselves. It was incredibly difficult to choose which images to post here; there are a lot and they are all so gorgeous! I truly feel honored to have played a small part in this incredible shoot. Now, you all get to enjoy the fruits of this remarkable collaboration.

Aaaand, I am just going to end with this perfect capture of Jon's face, because... well, it's perfect.

Until next time, loves.


#styledshoot #thefischershandmade #portland

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